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This lessens the steps when you call or text somebody. When sim1 is making a call, or receiving a call, sim2 becomes inactive at the entire duration of call from sim1. User Profiles is an easy way of choosing how your Android phone responds to an event, which could be an incoming call, an incoming text (SMS) and other notifications on the device. And, there is no way I know of to use MK2 as a hotspot. Here, we will show you an alternative way to manage your Android device applications and your Google Play account using your personal computer. We have noticed that Google Play will usually not show you Apps in the ‘Shop Android Apps’ section if they are not compatible with your device. Settings – Choosing this option will show you the list of devices configured with your current Google Play user account. Most of these programs also offer organizations the option of running fundraisers by collecting and sending in used cell phones.

The Screen shows the make and model of the device, the Service Provider Carrier Registered and last used on, and option to change the Nick Name of the Device for your understanding. The Page shows the Device(s) that is / are registered against the account you have logged in with. Once you have this set up, when your cameras detects movement, your burglar alarm will go off. All these cool mobile applications will be powered by a Samsung’s S3C 6400 533 Mhz processor, 256 of ROM and a 128MB of RAM. With a set of new features and a low price tag, these Touch and Type dual SIM Nokia mobile phones are bound to make a splash in the target markets. Just ask at any desk and they can point you to a nearest vending machine or sales representative that sell sim from any network. These apps can be updated if an update is available or can be uninstalled by clicking the “Bin” Icon next to “Installed” or “Update” button. Once you find something interesting and would like to know more about the app, click on the app icon.

You can go through the Overview tab to have brief understanding of the App, or click “More” for detailed version of the App understanding. You could either “Sign In” or click on “My Android Apps”. You can choose to make them visible in the main menu of your “My Android Apps”. Ringtone – You can set the ringtone of your choice from here. To enable WiFi hotspot and USB/BT tether, I used the instructions found here (the alternative method – manually copying and moving the hacked framework-res.apk). The built-in one has administrative authority to enforce all kinds of stupid restrictions such as shutting down hotspot. In comparison, a broadband is a wider (or broader) tunnel, allowing a greater amount of information to pass through your connection at one time. User satisfaction rating, the Last Update date, No of Installs, Current Version, minimum Android Version are things you will find information on in this section. What’s New shows you the initial to current state versions and what changes the app went through during the version upgrades.Finally it’s important to know and understand what features of your device are going to be accessed by the app.

My Order – Shows your installed apps History with details like when was the app installed, if it was free or paid, the status. The following screenshot shows 2 Tabs, corresponding to the Micromax & LG Handsets we used for this article. Today’s article is dedicated to those who are not well versed with the powers of Google Play. Google Play checks the compatibility of your device with the policy of the Apps. You could have multiple Devices configured with the same account, in which case multiple tabs will appear for the different devices along with the apps installed on them. Once you have logged in, it will take you back to Google Play Home page, select “My Android Apps”. From the Home Screen, launch ‘Settings’ application and choose ‘User Profiles’. Points cannot be redeemed for a Hardware Purchase.Finally, coming back to Google Play Home page. Redeem – If you ever received Gift Vouchers from Google, you could redeem the points by selecting Redeem, entering the Voucher Code & your postal address. That’s not always an easy task, as we all have that family member or friend who is hard to find the right gift for.