Top Five IPhone Clones

Now, these two circuits are reduced to a single chip a few millimeters square. As phone system technology moves ahead, systems are equipped with the ability to accept this technology. As the rollout of the nationwide 5G cell network moves forward, many concerned scientists and public health experts are raising the alarm about the potential harms of bathing the environment in high frequency electromagnetic energy. This new technology would add another layer of electromagnetic radiation to an already dangerously inundated environment. Such technology changes are just not limited to mobile phones, computer systems only, but also with automobiles sector in India. Speaking of progress, Wireless technology is not limited to powerful computers and mobile handsets. Although it is still not mainstream, it is fast gaining acceptance and has been embraced by Dell computers. Apollo-gists claim that the lander would not have had enough thrust to disturb the dirt, but the LEM would still weigh several tons in lunar gravity, and the rocket thrust would still have been about 2500 lbs/second.

At 2500 lbs of thrust, the dirt underneath the LEM should have been blown meters away! Many argue that if the Saturn 5 was such a great rocket, then the US could have used it to launch the shuttles into orbit with a far greater payload. Others have come forward and said that the Saturn 5 performance was only a fraction of what was claimed, and that its launches were nothing more than a spectacle to create an illusion of fantastic power. There has been much speculation today as to the actual performance of this rocket, because after the Apollo-Soyuz flight of 1975, the Saturn 5 was suddenly scrapped, and production ceased. Boeing, for example, developed and built the massive Saturn 5 rockets used by Apollo to put men on the moon. Grumman Aerospace was a defense contractor hired by NASA to develop and build the LEM to be used by Apollo for the actual moon landings.

Bottom line is Grumman built a shoddy prop that could not possibly land on the moon, and ripped off the taxpayers for BILLIONS! Grumman had even overlooked how the astro-NOTs would even enter/exit the LEM by making the hatchways way too small! All the accessories including the dock and headphones mimic the iPhone’s; making the CiPhone K33 one of the best iPhone clones in both appearance and functionality. Nokia is one of the best brands among UK and available all around the world. I wasn’t always a doubter about the world around me. Learning the truth about our world takes steps, and I was fooled by alot of false internet sites, and bad research material. Criminal Zionism, and their plans for world domination became my focus after 2004. The more I read and researched, the more I realized that we are all in serious trouble. I am proud to talk about Project Apollo as being a massive hoax, because it deals with alot of greed, power, corruption,and selfishness, and parallels much the same as Criminal Zionism deals with greed, power, corruption, and selfishness.

It was then that the term “Zionism” began to play a part in more and more resource material. I soon discovered who controlled them, and my path down this road began in full. It seems now that the bad material is put out there to “water down” the facts, or to divert the researcher away from the truth. Furthermore, as stated above, the nationwide rollout of 5G is well underway, and this technology would drastically increase our exposure to cellular radiation, which would put children and pregnant women at even greater risk than they already are. As a man of science and a long time researcher into the types of radiation that these devices pour out into the environment, I can safely say that the facts presented here are very spot on, and absolutely alarming. We were all fooled by this because America needed heroes at the time. NASA blew it big time after the initial landing of Apollo 11 showing no such effect, and therefore had to duplicate it for each subsequent “landing”. The noise should have been tremendous within the craft because the interior is pressurized, and yet we see in all Apollo flights these men calmly talking as the LEM lands with almost no background noise?