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The new Torus antenna joined the existing satellite dishes, the first of which was built in 1989, and the second in 1998. These dishes are covered by domes, which make them look like giant golf balls. The Torus antenna is rectangular, instead of circular like the conventional satellite dishes. Because a Torus antenna has to be aligned with the position of multiple satellites, it has to be adjusted to a specific position and therefore cannot be turned or spin around like circular satellite dishes. According to the GCSB director this was to ward off the weather, but it is generally considered that it is actually to prevent seeing which direction the dishes face. Then GCSB director Bruce Ferguson said that this new dish would enable satellites to be tracked more efficiently, and with a cost of under 1 million dollars, it was very good value for money, he said. For this reason, it is has over one million subscribers, making it one of the most popular cable television providers available today.

14. The slide was seen in a television report and shows a world map with the undersee fiber optic cables according to the volumes of data they transmit. This map is used as background of a number of other slides about FAA 702 Operations. If having this new phone number presents difficulties for you, find a plan that will forward the calls made to your regular number over to your SIM number. In this case, the numbers are sorted by how many of the total number of reports issued by the various OPI’s are PRISM-based, which can be seen in the fourth column. In this case, the numbers are sorted in the order of reports produced. These rare and expensive Torus antennas are used by some television networks, but a close look at photos of the Five Eyes satellite stations has now revealed the locations where Torus antennas are also used for gathering signals intelligence.

16. This partial slide was seen on the laptop of Glenn Greenwald in a report by Brazilian television and shows two scenarios for collection data under FAA 702 authority. It shows a highlight of reporting under the section 702 FAA authority, which in this case includes both PRISM and the STORMBREW program of the Upstream collection capability. According to former NSA deputy director Chris Inglis some 41 terrorist plots were foiled by information collected under section 702 FAA, most of them by PRISM. Most information about the use of a Torus antenna for signals intelligence is available for the one at the Waihopai satellite intercept station in New Zealand, which is codenamed IRONSAND. Now knowing what to look for, it was quite easy to “spy back” on the satellite intercept stations through the aerial images of Google Maps. Unlike intercept facilities outside the US, where the XKeyscore system can store and search 3 days of content, the sites inside the US only seem to filter data as they flow past, and hence there’s no access to Stored Communications. The router is able to sort itself out once the power is back and provides you hassle free access to your camera from anywhere in the world.

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However, the actual technology behind this is still in the works, so don’t be expecting it anytime soon. Here’s how cell phone technology for home working. An unlocked cell phone is the standard appropriate of its owner. I have been debating on whether or not I should get a new phone. More access also means the need for more capacity to process these incoming signals, because they have to be converted, demodulated and demultiplexed before something can be done with them. It shows that during the 2012 Olympic Games in London, 100 specially trained and/or approved GHCQ employees were granted access to data collected under the PRISM program. The slide also shows that the so-called “Abouts” collection is only conducted under the Upstream method. The usage of Torus antennas for signals intelligence first became clear from a slide that was part of a 2011 presentation for the annual Five Eyes conference. This slide is not part of the original PRISM presentation, but from another slide deck from NSA’s Special Source Operations division.