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Although however, this supposedly new found concept of ecology came to the forefront on issues relating to tourism in the late 70s and 80s, the idea goes far back in history. However, in the online environment, this loyalty can be traded with anonymity and the hunt for bargains. Because of this failure, it seems hard for travel and tourism firms to create and maintain customers loyalty and trust. SSTs and e-tourism still present the tourism industry with a lot of potentials for customer loyalty and trust, and a lot of profits as well. For some companies implementing e-tourism can be a difficult task, but there are some possible solutions that tourism firms can implement, such as providing employees training in efficient response to customers messages. Customers can also save money in booking flights and rooms online and directly with service providers without extra administration fees collected by travel agents. Firstly, with self-service e-commerce, services providers can better understand the marketing segments, especially the high profit ones.

Firstly, SSTs are usually technology based, and like other technologies, they can destroy businesses if they do not function well or are not properly designed, or if the technologies carrying the business is out of service. In the firms perspectives, if customer relationship management has been adapted and emphasized by service providers through the self-service platform on the internet, they can also derive benefits from it. In the S-D logic, customers emphasize not only tangible products, but also the intangible products such as services and experiences through interactions with service providers. Firms and customers benefit a lot from the potentials of e-commerce. Overall, returns, refunds, and chargebacks are an area where many e-commerce businesses have room for improvement. Thanks to e-commerce, B2B and B2C, work efficiency has witnessed a considerable improvement in performance. Online CRM (e-CRM) is an area where the travel industry needs a lot of improvement. This concept considerably affected the tourism industry. This combination is at odds with the concept of regular tourism in that it includes the notion of tourism that is nature-based and sustainable (Pforr, 2001), whereas customary tourism is not.

The notion of ecology was adopted by people such as Marco Polo in his discoveries, Caesar in his travels from Britain, and by eccentric Egyptians in the tales by Aristotle all were linked to the concept of ecotourism. The product is a marketing term being used for ecotourism as defined above in the nature and types of products, ecotourism belongs to the service industries. Services on the other hand, are basically a product type in which the customer is satisfied by the provision of work or the labour required from another source production of goods can even be accomplished through service industries. Because a search can locate thousands, or even millions, of matching results, businesses who want to get their websites noticed want to be a close to the top of the results returned as possible. Many studies have been conducted in order to understand the main concept of ecotourism and its product, but they are still in search of more relevant information. It is evident that ecotourism is gaining global importance and growing at a rapid speed and pouring billions of dollars into the global economy.

Prior to consideration of the factors, or elements included in ecotourism, mention needs to be made of the philosophies underpinning this rapid development of ecotourism, and there appears no better place to start than with the prefix eco-. By doing some research you can find a company that will be able to do the work and keep the elements out. If you will dial the helpline number of these companies then they will find your location and send their garbage carrying trucks at that location and in sometimes restart cleaning the garbage. This design option allowed the visitor to find out a particular product in the list of hundred or thousand items. Fail to properly summarize the survey in the validation section or rush through a screen that says pick D on this list to show you’re paying attention, and they may forfeit your rewards or even kick you off the site. Even in modern time, quill pen instruments are preferred in calligraphy due to their sharp and flexible stroke that isn’t matched even by modern steel pens.

Many consumers prefer commodities that do not harm the atmosphere, and prefer to use environmentally friendly commodities, even if they are more expensive than similar products that do not cater to a sustained natural environment (Karasov, C, a.i). Easy import from Excel and other platforms – BigCommerce supports importing tens of thousands of products at once – either from another platform or for bulk editing. The fitness equipment costs thousands of bucks. The recommendations came through similar products, items bought together, and popular products. Despite the fact that they cannot be touched, such products are specifically developed by certain codes and always give the same knowledge, which is why they are denoted as goods. A product can be classified as either goods or services (Know this, 2009) A product is known to be goods if it has a proper shape and is touchable in nature. The mode of goods can vary between tangible and intangible products there are several technological goods which are not solid or able to be physically handled but are still counted as goods, such as software, information abstracted from web. The focus for advertising within the concept of green marketing, is ecological remuneration to sell commodities such as recyclable goods, energy saving products, and safe chemicals.