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I’d like to tell you about some of our work your contributions can help over the coming year. They must help in creating amazing living room ambiance. But no more followed, so it was back to expander pellet at 13 metres, and after another hour or so a 5 lb carp was in the net. If (when) I put the word verification back on, here’s a tip: Click the ⟳ until you get one that you find relatively easy to see. Word verification for commenting. You think the word verification is difficult, but I can’t spend hours a day finding and deleting spam. I am remembering this with enthusiasm, but I am exaggerating little I think. I think only 5 or 6 spam comments came in (only one of which was caught by the spam filter, but I found them because I get all comments emailed to me). Soon the angler opposite had a couple of carp to his left, into the end bank, and the angler on my left had one long – probably at 14 metres. Opposite on 35 there was 35 lb for second, and it was won on 31 with 39 lb, fishing only about 8 metres out.

Andy Geldart won my lake – and the Open – with 154 lb from a swim five to my left, opposite the bird hide. The other five anglers in my section – three opposite and two to my left – all weighed between 60 lb and 80 lb. Alan, on 13, to my left, managed three carp for 13 lb in the last hour and a half, for fifth. In the last hour I lost three carp in succession – one long and the other two on the maggot rig. Once when I lifted the rig up at 13 metres I foulhooked a carp about 18 inches off the bottom, but it came off after a few seconds. Then I had two fish briefly pricked on the main maggot rig. Despite trying corn on a straight lead, my main pole attack with expander pellet at 13 metres, and a maggot swim in deep water near the right-hand margin, where I managed just two roach on maggot. Then it was a case of changing around, with two more carp from my righthand swim, as I got gradually colder and colder. I know this is rated as a good summer swim, and with the breeze into the corner I was hopeful at the start.

Which is always a good show. I managed a good draw in the far corner of Yew, with a strong breeze into me from the left. Put a superstar like Andy on one of these when fish are willing to feed, and he’s always in with a good chance. Are you fond of chocolates and cookies? The products and services that are to be displayed by the ecommerce site should be done in the best possible manner. The California-based startup aims to provide a platform for communicating personally with the customer, and the services include support, marketing, and sales. As a result, the quality and standard of the services are always up-to-the-mark. The e-commerce industry is full of businesses who are simply looking for ways to boost their sales with very little concern for their customers or their interests. VehiclesA ladder rack is one of the simplest and most effective ways to customize the storage space for your work van. Don’t waste your time attempting a difficult one. One of those was at least 7 lb, and none seemed foulhooked.